Llewellin Setters, foot hunting birddogs for bird hunter of quail and pheasant.  Llewellin puppies and started dogs available.


Laurie and I have been married for 21 years and have two teenage kids, Kate and Jake. Laurie is the admissions director for graduate business programs at a local university. The children are active in sports and school activities. I manage the family businesses. I also hunt. A lot.

Over the years, I have walked behind 14 different dog breeds in pursuit of 10 different species of upland birds in 8 states and various parts of Africa and Canada. Iíve seen a lot of different dogs ply their craft well and firmly believe that no one breed trumps all the others. The bags of skills from breed to breed are not the same, however, and every upland bird hunter has to find a dog that best fits his or her needs.

I look for a cooperative dog that has lots of common sense and natural ability, as family and business responsibilities do not allow me the time required to ďforce breakĒ all of my dogs to point, hold and retrieve. Neither do I have the budget to pay others to train a whole trailer load of dogs to do those things for me. I also need an adaptable dog to hunt a variety of gamebirds, as well as a dog which can keep going in milder weather. And since Iím the only avid hunter in the family, itís important to have a sociable dog which can be appreciated by family and friends. The Llewellin Setter is all these things and more.

We follow a single commandment: if a dog doesnít point, it wonít get fed. Dogs, which survive this simple barrier to entry into our kennel, get to hunt wild birds about 60 days a year, and more than that again while training and practicing in the off season. We donít place a lot of importance on how many birds are in the bag. If one keeps a critical eye on the dog and what it is doing, the bird counts will come. And the same is true with trying to make good puppies. If we keep a critical eye on the dogs and what they are doing, good puppies will follow. Let us know if we can help you find one. 

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