Llewellin Setters, foot hunting birddogs for bird hunter of quail and pheasant.  Llewellin puppies and started dogs available.


These are working dogs, not brood stock. Each of these animals must perform in our guide string on wild birds, or they will not remain in our program.

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White Rock Jacaranda (Jackie) -- Jackie moves better than any dog we’ve ever made. She has a very smooth, level-backed gait which gives her great stamina and heat tolerance, with very high and lively tail movement. Like most of Tanner’s get, she has a ton of point, is biddable and easy to break. She is not the most powerful dog in the kennel, so she shows better in tight courses than on the prairie, but she has had some horseback trial success, including a 2nd place finish in the 2008 Montana Shooting Dog Championship Derby. Temps were over 100 degrees that day and she kept going at a nice pace when even the English Pointers were wilting. She is a very pleasant dog to hunt over and believe she is as complete a package as we’ve ever had here at the kennel.

FDSB: 1596998 


Jackie's Pedigree

White Rock Brevet Lucy -- Lucy was a “B” litter pups sold to a gentleman as a family hunting companion. When her owner had a chance to do some guiding, Lucy became the feature dog on his string. She is very active and bird wise, running and pointing with great style and flash. When her owner had to stop guiding, we had a chance to acquire her and are very pleased to have her back. She has produced two litters with Tanner that were among the best we have ever made.

FDSB: 1560256

Pedigree:  Brevet Lucy's Pedigree

White Rock Rhodesia -- Good things come in small packages. At 38 lbs dripping wet, Rhodie has more desire and natural ability than any dog in our kennel. She was natural point, honor and retrieve to hand. One of her pictures here on the site is her first wild bird contact, on point. She has a very smooth and fluid gait, giving her tremendous stamina. She hunts at medium range and is, both physically and psychologically, the toughest dog we have. 

FDSB: 1556587

OFA: Fair ES-7247F35F-PI, dated 11/7/2006

Pedigree: Rhodesia's Pedigree

Sherrod's Pretty Polly 
Polly has already made a lasting mark here. Her matings with Tanner make the kind of dogs we like. Polly brings the ideal conformation, a large, square built dog with long legs and a lot of stamina. She also brings tremendous fire and bird desire, running with a high cacking tail and pointing high on both ends. She is the toughest and most heat tolerant dog we ever had, and she was a proven bird finder during some very tough years out in West Texas. Her fire and toughness could test one’s patience in training, but they paid off big dividends out in big country full of rocks & cactus. 

FDSB: 1562914


OFA: Good ES7246G31F-NOPI, dated 11/7/2006

Pedigree: Polly's Pedigree

Sherrod's Royacelle Gal
We purchased Sadie from High Cotton Kennels in late 2005 and are very excited to have her. As the photo shows, she's got what it takes on wild birds. We took her out on 18 December 2005 for her first opportunity to hunt wild birds and she did a nice job handling them. She is a line bred Royacelle dog with OFA excellent hips and will be a centerpiece of our breeding program.

Sadie's Pedigree 

White Rock Mali
Mali is the fanciest Llewellin we have ever seen. She has done well in field trials even though she is not a particularly big running dog. She does it with style. We think she will help us put higher heads and tails in our breeding program. We have hunted her on our guide string and she has shown us physical toughness, heat tolerance and an ability to find birds. She is truly a joy to watch work. 

Good (preliminary at 16 months of age, application #1239949, dated 10/31/2006)

Pedigree: Mali's Pedigree

Southwind Blaze
Blaze is the hardest running female we have, a true power dog. She cracks her tail nicely when she runs and, as you can see, she looks very nice on point. A very soft & sweet dog around the house, we are using her on the guide string and will be breeding her in the future.

FDSB: is 1552435


ES-7558G55F-NOPI with a grade of GOOD.

Blaze's Pedigree




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