Llewellin Setters, foot hunting birddogs for bird hunter of quail and pheasant.  Llewellin puppies and started dogs available.


Below is the Llewellin that we currently have for sale.  We also have a few Llewellin puppies for sale now, click here for details.
Stubbie is a full brother to Knikki. We looked at all 5 of the males in the last breeding of Polly and Tanner to see if one might be better than Knikki. Stubbie was the best of the five by a good measure. He points and runs well, is very biddable and simply put, every time we thought about selling him, he was just too nice to let go of. But, alas, at 15 months of age we have seen enough to conclude that he is not going to be better than Knikki so we are selling him. He will make an exceedingly fine bird dog, and could compete in NSTRA or AKC trials effectively. He is pointing birds staunchly, standing the flush and currently being whoa broke. 



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