Llewellin Setters, foot hunting birddogs for bird hunter of quail and pheasant.  Llewellin puppies and started dogs available.


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Puppies are $750 at 8 weeks of age, FOB Waco, Texas.


In circumstances where we are unable to arrange to meet the purchaser to deliver the puppy at 7 weeks of age, airfreight is the only practical option. Airfreight costs typically run from $130 to $190 for a puppy shipped in a medium kennel.

* Be advised that air shipment from Texas between May and September is subject to temperature restrictions which add uncertainty to flight availability as well as departure and arrival times.

** Airlines will not accept puppies younger than 8 weeks of age for shipment.

Development and Selection
Pups receive daily handling in our home. We live in town on a one acre lot, so the dogs have a lot of room to run and get lots of attention from a neighborhood full of dog people. In addition, our kids and their friends fairly spoil all our dogs. Finally, our 88 acre family farm is only six miles away and it is a rare weekend when we and the dogs cannot be found either there or out hunting somewhere. We introduce our puppies to wild birds prior to six months of age.

Our kennel runs are galvanized chain link on concrete sloped to a professionally installed waste management system, covered by a metal roof. On the same slab we have a 10x20 building with air-conditioning and hot/cold running water, and lots of cabinets and stainless steel countertops salvaged from a recent renovation of the main house. This facility allows us lots of room for storage of supplies and handling the full range of dog care issues, from whelping litters and mixing puppy mash to simply offering the dogs a warm place to sleep on cold winter nights.

Pups are selected by order of deposit. We accept requests for sex and color on a first come/first served basis, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate more arcane requests (i.e. black left ear, chestnut patch on right eye, spot on tail, etc). 

If you are not satisfied with one of our Llewellin puppies, return it to us and we will replace it. We will pay freight one way. 



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